Our New Tiering System Offers a Variety of
Solutions For Operators

As a solutions based company, Clemens Food Group (CFG) is dedicated to creating solutions that will enhance our customers' business. To that end, we have developed a tiering system for many of our sausage, bacon, franks, ham, and deli products that will offer foodservice professionals greater value and convenience.

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Hatfield Chef Master is an unmatched, premier brand of quality pork products. Superior in taste and appearance, the Hatfield Chef Master line of products meets the very highest of standards in excellence. Hatfield Chef Master products are ideal for high-end, finer dining establishments.Hatfield Chef Signature is an exceptional brand of quality pork products that provides consistently, great tasting pork products that meet the needs of casual eating establishments for delicious, tasty pork products.Hatfield Chef Choice is a value line of pork products offering quality, great tasting pork products that please customers' cravings for flavorful pork every time.
Prima Porta Artisiano is a full line of exceptional Italian sausage made with authentic ingredients and premium cuts that reflect the heritage of robust Italian taste and deliciousness.Prima Porta is a full line of Italian sausage made with a family recipe of fine Italian seasonings.