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At Farm Promise®, we believe good comes from good – and that’s why we’re committed to raising our pork right.

Our local family farmers—many of which are multi-generational—work hard to provide a continuous fresh supply of Antibiotic-Free (ABF) pork. You get delicious, wholesome pork, because these American family farmers take pride in their commitment to animal care.

All Farm Promise hog farms, including sow farms, nurseries and finishing farms, are located across Pennsylvania and Ohio family farms with harvesting done at our Hatfield, Pa. facility.

In addition to being antibiotic-free, the Farm Promise® product line also features additional attributes

100% crate-free during gestation

All Farm Promise® hogs come from sows who live in open group-housed environments where they can move around freely and socialize naturally.

Fed a vegetarian diet

Farm Promise® hogs are 100% vegetarian fed (except for milk).

All natural

All Farm Promise® retail and most foodservice products are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients, nitrites or nitrates.

It’s all part of our mission to put better food within reach. Your customers have better options for fresh-from-the-farm taste that will keep them coming back. You can get all of this from a family owned company you can trust.