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Superior eating experience

Serve Your Guests Tender, Juicy, All Natural Pork with Unrivaled Flavor

Photo by PK on Unsplash

This steakhouse quality pork is mouth-wateringly delicious, thanks to the unparalleled marbling that makes this pork unfailingly moist and tender. Premium Reserve pork is prepared by using tried-and-true culinary techniques known as brining and larding, which improve each product’s marbling and produces meat that’s 30% more tender than conventional pork. This patient preparation means that this center cut pork chop compares to even the most delicious cuts of steak!

You can discover Hatfield® Premium Reserve Pork® in 16 different varieties, ranging from primals and whole muscles to specialty pre-portioned cuts.

Premium Reserve Primal 1


  • Versatile cuts of meat used across all dayparts
  • Cost effective and high margin All Natural options
  • Variety of bone-in and boneless loins
Whole Muscle


  • Versatile cuts of meat used across all dayparts
  • All natural premium whole muscle cuts
  • Different cuts from roasts, to tenderloins, and ribs
Pre portion


  • Full portfolio of all natural bone-in and boneless chops
  • Perfect for labor savings
  • Consistent quality products to reduce prep time

Taste the difference and see why chefs and guests prefer Premium Reserve Pork®