Important Messages from Clemens Food Group →

We are deeply committed to being active participants in the communities around us.

From longstanding corporate giving programs to robust investments in local infrastructure, we work hard to make our communities better. We consistently, continuously partner with local charities and nonprofits, and actively encourage our team members to volunteer for causes they care about—even giving them time off from work in order to do so.


Additionally, we actively support local family farms to create a sustainable system for pork production. By creating reliable production chains for our partners, we help reduce the guesswork and financial risk our farmers take on—helping them diversify their operations, invest in their futures, and plan for the years ahead.


Perhaps our most tangible impact on local communities is the plethora of job opportunities we create, which gives purposeful work to thousands of individuals. We employ over 3,500 team members in several states, at our Hatfield® headquarters, our processing plant in Emmaus and our new processing facility in Coldwater, Mich.


Our new Coldwater plant, which opened in 2017, represented a $250 million dollar investment and created over 830 new jobs. That infrastructure investment extended even beyond our 600,000-square-foot plant itself; we built a 9 building apartment complex to help house team members and others in the community, bolstered the local economy and partnered with local family farms to supply our hogs.