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In addition to providing high-quality pork products for both retail and foodservice customers, we also partner with manufacturers and industrial brands to provide pork as an ingredient in a wide variety of products.

From canned goods to frozen foods, from soups to pastas, pizza to pet food, we work with numerous national and international brands to supply exactly the ingredients they need to make their products fresh and flavorful.


Our approach isn’t simply one-size-fits-all.

This type of large-scale partnership is led by a full support team, as well as experienced research and development staff. Together, we’ll develop processes, products, and approaches to meet the specific needs of our dedicated food manufacturing partners. In these relationships, our partners benefit from our ideal size—we have the capacity to fulfill even large production demands, but we work with the nimbleness of a much smaller company. That happy medium allows us to serve our partners with alacrity, efficiency, and true commitment to quality.