For years, we’ve been industry leaders in using cleaner and alternative sources of energy, working to reduce both oil dependence and air contaminants.

And thanks to ongoing efforts and modern innovations, we’ve made incredible strides.

By burning cleaner natural gas instead of oil, we’ve decreased our annual emissions by over 300%. Installing an innovative hot water system in our Hatfield headquarters has reduced our fuel usage by 520,000 gallons a year. And upgraded insulation on our family farms has reduced propane use in winter by 10-15%.

But these are just a few of the many changes we’ve made in the last few years across our company with the goal of making our entire organization more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We’ve also upgraded our lighting system to utilize motion sensor lights in places like hallways, offices, loading docks, and restrooms. Not only does this reduce our energy costs, it also improves efficiency—the project has saved almost nine million kilowatt hours. Now, our eco-friendly lighting products are more efficient (providing more lumens while using half the power), and they’re recyclable, which has almost completely eliminated waste from lighting products.