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Recycling is at the heart of our environmental efforts. Every day, we work to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and recycling is one of the very best ways to achieve that goal.

We have even made so much progress that our Hatfield® headquarters is now a landfill-free based facility!

Our efforts do not end in Hatfield®. Company-wide, we have implemented a program called CFG Green, which works to reduce waste across every aspect of what we do. The program has seen tremendous results. Rather than shipping our waste to landfills, we send it to an innovative Energy-from-Waste plant, allowing our waste to be turned into electricity.

Energy-from-Waste plants collect waste from organizations and incinerate it at high temperatures to boil water. The steam produced powers a steam engine to supply electricity to the nearby community. Gases from the incineration process pass through air pollution control equipment that cools, collects, and cleans the gases to ensure air quality is never impacted by the process. Leftover ash from the burning process is utilized to make concrete blocks and bricks.1

Our recycling efforts also extend to the logistics branch of our company, PV Transport, which uses modern, environmentally-friendly methods to recycle both solids and liquids. Our efforts include treating and reusing antifreeze, using waste trucking oil for heating purposes, and regularly recycling batteries and drums.

  • 30% recycled materials exported
  • 70% landfill-free company-wide; 100% landfill-free in Hatfield®
  • 405 tons of paper, corrugated materials, batteries, and metals recycled annually
  • Working toward a goal to make our whole company 100% landfill-free

1 How a Waste-to-Energy Plant Works