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Across our entire PV Transport fleet of 120 tractors, we use the latest technology to reduce fuel consumption, increase efficiency, and lower our impact on the environment.

As a certified partner in SmartWay, an EPA program designed to reduce transportation emissions, we are strongly committed to improving our environmental efficiency when traveling on roadways.

  • Installing Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and auxiliary cab heaters to power cab climate controls without idling the main truck engine – which saves around 36,000 gallons of fuel each year.
  • Using automatic shutdowns to turn engines off after three minutes of idling to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Increasing fuel efficiency by using auto tire inflators and SmartWay certified tires to monitor air pressure and reduce rolling resistance.
  • Employing efficient logistics planning to reduce empty miles traveled, resulting in over 92% of our over-the-road trucks backhauling products (delivering product for vendors while returning to distribution centers.)
  • Using Scale Bypass Technology, we are able to reduce idle time and fuel consumption at weighing stations. Paired with our installation of Adaptive Cruise Control systems, we are able to maintain fuel efficient and safe speeds without interruption and lowered fuel economy.