Important Messages from Clemens Food Group →

Even though water is the most abundant substance on Earth’s surface, it is important that we are doing our part to use less water more wisely.1

We have put conservation measures in place both at our farms and at our processing facilities to ensure that we are only using the water we need to and taking opportunities to reuse water wherever possible.

Both our Hatfield and Coldwater locations have their own state-of-the-art water treatment facility. It allows us to reduce fresh water usage drastically, maximizing water reuse facility-wide. This system, along with other innovative water-saving measures, has allowed us to raise our reuse water rate from 60% to an impressive 98%. In our endeavors to continuously improve, we are developing a modification to our water treatment process that allows us to remove solids more efficiently.

  • In 2018, through our water treatment facilities, we reconditioned 100,343,343 gallons of recycled water that we repurposed for uses such as cleaning our trucks.

Our company-owned farms are also working hard to conserve water wherever possible. For example, they have all switched from using trough water systems for hogs to using modern swinging water systems. These systems give hogs easy access to all the water they need, but with far less waste and contamination. As a result, our farms have collectively reduced fresh water use by around 43%. Simultaneously, this system has lowered hog nutrient output by almost 50%, which means less waste going into the land, less wear and tear from loads on highways, and less fuel needed to haul output away.

Our commitment to conserving our planet’s clean water is an ongoing effort. We are constantly working to improve our systems, implement new innovations, and use water responsibly in everything we do.