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We’re proud that all our Clemens Food Group products come from family farms, through our family business, and end up on family tables.

All of our hogs are raised by family farmers, whether they are part of the 250 farms in our Country View Family Farm network or sourced from the independent farmers we partner with, many of these families have been farming for generations. But whether our partners’ farms are longstanding or brand new, they are handling hogs with the same respect and commitment to animal care our company respresents. And at our Country View Family Farms, testing innovative farming techniques is part of our ongoing commitment to improving animal welfare, sustainability and productivity.

Some of the farming innovations in place at our Country View Family Farms:

  • Group housing to allow sows to socialize and move freely
  • Computerized ear tags to monitor food intake and hog health
  • Computer-regulated temperature and ventilation to keep environments cool and dry year round
  • Innovative water systems to keep water fresh, clean, and available at all times for all hogs while reducing waste
  • Modern, swing-gate farrowing pens currently being tested in 40% of our farms, allow sows to interact with their piglets without confinement one week after birth, without compromising piglet safety.