Important Messages from Clemens Food Group →

Every product we produce is designed to exceed consumer expectations, time after time.

Producing quality pork products is what we do best, perhaps because we’re endlessly dedicated to the people we know will ultimately enjoy them.

Fresh, flavorful and with simple ingredients in our value-added products. Those are the qualities we want our products to be known for. We strive to be staples in family diets from Maine to Florida, from the Atlantic to the Midwest. In every farm we manage, every truck we drive, every day we work, and every product we produce, we’re committed to what really matters. And when all is said  and done what matters is the people we make our products for.

Consumer Driven Products

Our approach to pork production is consistently focused on consumer satisfaction.


Food Safety and Quality

After over a century in the business, we know that food safety and quality are key to the success of any food producer.



At Clemens Food Group, we love producing products people enjoy eating—but one of the reasons we got into producing pork is because we like being in the business of bringing people real, substantial nutrition.