Important Messages from Clemens Food Group →

Our approach to pork production is consistently focused on consumer satisfaction.

That doesn’t just mean delivering great tasting, high quality products. It also means we develop new products with consumers in mind, innovating across our industry to create products that will make people’s lives easier, healthier, more satisfying, and more full of flavor.


Recent consumer-driven innovations:

Hatfield® Recipe Essentials®

Unique, ready-to-add-to-a-recipe ground sausage and pork strips that make cooking easier by eliminating steps for home cooks. Recipe Essentials® offers an array of flavors ranging from Hot and Sweet Italian to Chorizo—all in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Hatfield® Dry Rub Seasoned Loins & Roast

Ready-to-cook pork loins and roasts that are already seasoned and bursting with flavor, so consumers can just cook and serve. Simple as that.

Farm Promise®

Our No Antibiotics Ever line delivers 100% vegetarian-fed pork from hogs that are born, raised and harvested with respect and care in the United States. All our pigs are gestation crate free.

Hatfield® Uncured

All-natural ham and bacon options that are produced with no nitrates, no nitrites, no MSG, and no artificial ingredients, giving consumers healthier “clean label” options that are still full of flavor.
Premium Reserve Pork®—This offering delivers juicy, tender, steakhouse quality cuts of pork that’s essentially fool-proof, thanks to unparalleled marbling that keeps every bite tender.