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After over a century in the business, we know that food safety and quality are key to the success of any food producer.

Our customers trust us to consistently deliver safe, high-quality products. We take that very seriously.

In every aspect of what we do here at Clemens Food Group, food safety and quality are paramount. They are part of our Key Expectations and integral to our core values of Ethics, Integrity and Stewardship. Our commitment begins with rigorous safety standards, founded in our ongoing SQF Certification. This voluntary program provides independent certification that our food safety and quality management systems meet or exceed global standards.

Our dedicated Food Safety/Quality Assurance (FSQA) team works hand in hand with the Operations team to ensure our products are safe to enjoy without compromising quality.

Responsibilities of the FSQA and Operations Teams Include:

Food Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Including our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program, a Food Security Program, Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certification, and third-party audits.

Food Quality

Using our Quality Scorecard to measure quality and verify compliance with processes and procedures.

Microbiological Analytics

Continuously monitoring our facilities, equipment, raw materials, and finished product from our onsite lab to maintain food safety and quality, while also conducting microbiological and analytical chemistry testing.


Ensuring that our disposal practices are always in compliance with food safety and quality guidelines.

We empower every single one of our team members to stop a production line or a product shipment if they feel there is any compromise in food safety procedures or our high standards of quality are not being met. This team attitude puts consumer safety and food quality at the very top of our priority list—every single day.