Important Messages from Clemens Food Group →

People are at the core of everything we do—especially the people who work beside us.

We are proud of our passionate, hardworking team members—every single one of them. That’s why we don’t see them simply as employees, we see them as integral partners in our continued success. In addition to offering fair wages and generous benefits, we also give every employee a voice, empowering them to turn any job here into a truly fulfilling career.

Our commitment to our team members includes:

  • A safe, satisfying work environment
  • Fair wages
  • Competitive benefits
  • Training and education opportunities for career growth
  • Profit sharing opportunities
  • Respect and support from teammates and supervisors
  • A voice in the way we do things
  • A meaningful job in a purposeful environment

Our commitment to our team members isn’t just good for our people. It’s good for our whole company. Because creating an environment where people know they are valued helps team members fulfill their professional potential. And a workplace filled with motivated, satisfied team members increases productivity, yields, and profitability for the entire company.


At Clemens Food Group, the health and wellness of our team members are top priorities.



Quality is one of our key expectations here at Clemens Food Group, and we believe that extends to the quality of life of our team members.


Training & Development

We are deeply committed to helping every team member thrive and grow in their career here at Clemens Food Group.