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We are deeply committed to helping every team member thrive and grow in their career here at Clemens Food Group.

To that end, we offer a number of career advancement programs and opportunities to keep staff members engaged in their work, involved in our larger vision, and working passionately toward their career goals.


Team Huddles

Regular team meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page, working toward the same short- and long-term goals.


Problem-Solving Meetings

Meetings designed to solve immediate team concerns and align around goals for continuous improvement.


Team Member Engagement Survey

A bi-annual opportunity for every member of the Clemens Food Group to give feedback on how our company is doing. This invaluable tool has helped identify concerns and shape action plans, all while letting team members know their opinions are truly valued.


Leadership Training Programs

Programs designed to support high-performing team members in their growth, and to develop leaders from within our organization, with courses ranging from Fundamentals in Leadership, to Business Acumen, to Team Leadership, to Leadership Mastery.