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Our company started small. In 1895, John C. Clemens began driving his wagon from his farm into Philadelphia to sell pork.

He was known for the quality of his products, and the honest way he did business. And that honest approach, in the long run, was what drove the Clemens family business forward. Customers loved having a partner they could trust. And because of that, our company grew.

Today, Clemens Food Group is the country’s 5th largest domestic pork processor and one of the largest producers. Rather than operating from one small farm, we now have a network of carefully-vetted farmers throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan—all dedicated to raising hogs carefully, consistently, in a way that reflects our respect and commitment to animal care.

Driven by a constant desire to innovate and improve, we’ve never been satisfied to just do things the way they’ve always been done. We’ve implemented the latest technological advances, honed our expertise by visiting top European hog farming experts, spearheaded lasting changes to production, and more. All with the goal of improving the quality of our products, improving the quality of life for our hogs, and improving the experiences of our valued customers.

As our business has grown, our approach has stayed steadfast. From our very first day in business, we’ve been known for our ethical approach to farming, our thoughtfulness in providing for future generations, and our integrity in all our dealings. And those values are still the driving force behind our company today.

Today, if you need a partner in pork, there’s no better place to turn than Clemens Food Group. Not only do we supply our clients with high-quality products, we also serve our customers as true partners—gladly sharing our decades of knowledge and our latest industry innovations in order to help us all provide for the future and move our industry progressively forward.


Originally founded in 1895 by John C. Clemens, the Clemens Food Group has a long rich heritage.


6 Generations Of Family Ownership

From its beginning, Clemens Food Group has been a family affair. Starting with the founder John C. Clemens and his sons John S. and Abe, down through Phil Clemens who became CEO in the 1980’s to Doug Clemens, the current CEO, Clemens family members continue to be actively involved in all aspects of the business.


Family Business to Business Family

Our company started as a small family business—just a farmer and his wife and eventually their sons.