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6 Generations Of Family Ownership

From its beginning, Clemens Food Group has been a family affair.

Starting with the founder John C. Clemens and his sons John S. and Abe, down through Phil Clemens who became CEO in the 1980’s to Doug Clemens, the current CEO, Clemens family members continue to be actively involved in all aspects of the business.

Fourth and 5th generation Clemens family members are part of the senior leadership team, while other family members work in logistics, communications, operations, on-site foodservice, materials management, marketing, PV Transport, and more. We anticipate many of the 6th generation family owners will join the company as well.

While CFG has grown well beyond just Clemens family members, the company continues to hold dear the values that it was founded on by John C. Clemens all those years ago, and that continue to drive the way CFG operates today.