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Originally founded in 1895 by John C. Clemens, the Clemens Food Group has a long rich heritage.

To this day, Clemens Food Group remains steadfastly dedicated to continuing previous generations’ commitment by operating as good stewards of the community and the environment, offering quality innovative products and services, and working with our business partners, customers, employees, and family members with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.


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John C. Clemens takes his wagon from his farm in Mainland to market in Philadelphia. J. M. Funk started a pork processing business where Hatfield® currently stands. On May 12, 1900, John C. Clemens marries Susie Stauffer of Lower Salford.



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At a public auction in late September, John C. Clemens with his wife Susie, 5½ months pregnant with their third child, purchases the James Markley’s farm for $4,000. This farm would be the beginning of the John C. Clemens family business.



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John C. began delivering to Abbots and Hansell Dairies, our first distributors, twice a week.



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John S. and Abe join their father’s business and take routes to Philadelphia and Allentown.



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John S. and Abe Clemens purchased Pleasant Valley Packing.




The company marks $1 million in sales, having produced two million pounds of product.



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One August evening, a fire broke out at Pleasant Valley Packing and burned it to the ground. The four Clemens brothers purchased the Funk Farm and expanded the business to where we are today.  Hatfield® gave their employees an increase in benefits including a Profit Sharing Plan.



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The company’s first state-of-the-art water treatment system is completed, marking a commitment to safety and sustainability.


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Clemens Food Group employed 110 team members, reached $6 million in sales producing 15 million lbs. of product. Federal USDA inspection policies replace state inspection, improving food safety and quality across the country.


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The company reaches $41 million in sales, produced 45 million lbs. of product, processing 1,200 hogs each day.


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The company taps Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned expert in animal husbandry, to design harvest pens that meet the highest standards for animal welfare.


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 Hatfield®  celebrates its 100th Anniversary.  Hatfield®  launches its new ham steak line, which provides a traditional item in a modern way.



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CFC Properties began looking into diversification and utilization of real estate. In 2006, CFC Properties would become Clemens Development.



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CFC Logistics—handling cold storage and transportation—begins operations.



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Country View Family Farms Production was officially created through the acquisition of several hog management companies.



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PV Transport was created to merge livestock drivers, delivery drivers, CFC Logistic drivers, truck service center personnel, truck washers, and garage and administrative personnel into one company.



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Clemens Food Group integrates the whole family of brand, along with PV Transport, CFC Logistics, and Country View Family Farm under one corporate umbrella, providing foodservice, retailers, and consumers with better product solutions. This unites the 2,050 team members employed across the entire company. $570 million in sales, 10,000 hogs processed per day.


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Clemens Food Group launches Farm Promise™—a new line of all-natural, No Antibiotics Ever pork.


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The company opens a second processing facility in Coldwater, Mich. With the capacity to process 10,000 hogs a day, the 600,000-square-foot plant creates over 830 local jobs.