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Country View Family Farms® is our hog production and procurement division with over 250 company-owned and independent family farms throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

By integrating the entire pork production process—from farms, through harvest and processing, and all the way to our customers—we’ve built a responsive, flexible system that benefits our customers, our community, and our environment through continual, end-to-end improvement and innovation.


There are three types of farms in our system:

Sow Farms

Where sows are housed and bred and piglets are born.

Nursery Farms

Where piglets receive intensive care in the first days after weaning and remain until they’re about 10 weeks old and 60 lbs.

Finishing Farms

Where the hogs are raised to market weight.

Features of our farms:

  • State-of-the-art bio-security systems to guard against illness and contamination.
  • Full time veterinary and nutrition staff.
  • Established standards for animal rearing that last the whole life of a hog.
  • Currently group housed environments on all company-owned sow farms, transitioning to be 100% group housing on all farms by 2022.
  • PQA Plus certified.
  • Audited for animal safety by accredited third parties.