Important Messages from Clemens Food Group →

Safety is not a “program” at Clemens Food Group, it is ingrained in our culture.

Safety for our team members and food safety for our products requires every team member to be engaged. Not only do we have five cross-functional task forces responsible for developing team member safety programs, we also have a Safety Steering Committee that’s charged with implementing those programs throughout our organization. To ensure all of our products meet the highest food safety standards, our experienced FSQA (Food Safety/Quality Assurance) team constantly monitors production. And every CFG team member is empowered to stop a production line if they feel the product is not meeting our standards for safety and quality.

Beyond our processing facilities, all farms raising CFG pork are equipped with state-of-the-art biosecurity systems to guard against contamination and ensure the health of our animals. Our transportation branch—PV Transport—has been awarded numerous safety awards, including the Great West Safety Award and the NPTC Fleet Safety Award.

We want our team members to feel safe and healthy at work every day, we want people who buy our products to feel confident that our food is held to the industry’s highest food safety standards, and we want our animals to be healthy and comfortable for the duration of their lives.