Clemens Food Group is a vertically-coordinated company, and whether our products are destined for retail or foodservice customers, they all start at the farm.

Because of that, the farmers we partner with are some of the most important people we serve.

While we do have company-owned farms, many of our hogs are raised and owned by family farmer business partners. Many of the independent farmers who raise hogs for CFG have been farming for generations and for us every single one is a true partner—we work together, dedicated to shared success.
At Clemens we source all of our hogs from family farms in the United States and Canada., primarily in areas located around our processing plants in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The farmers who join the Clemens Food Group system want to be part of an organization with high standards for animal welfare and product quality. We ask a lot of our farmers, and we promise a lot in return. We help them mitigate the financial risks of farming by giving them reliable processing partners and long-term commitments—and we also help them reinvest in their farms, keeping them at the forefront of industry excellence. We get well-raised hogs that produce exceptional pork and they get peace of mind. And that’s no small thing.